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Anupama 28th August 2023 Written Episode

On the phone, Kavya thanks her doctor that her baby is fine. She consoles herself that the reports are normal and all is well, then wonders why she is afraid of something happening. Leela scolds Dimpy for not littering the kitchen and covering the milk pot. His friends won’t listen, so Dimpy asks him to speak slowly. Dimpy’s friend comes to the kitchen wearing shoes. Leela asks her to remove the shoes.

Friend gets insulted. Leela says that if the elders try to teach the young people then there is no harm in it. While apologizing to Leela, Dimpy’s friend feels humiliated and leaves with other friends. Dimpy cries with Leela. Their brawl begins. Vanraj returns from office and asks them to stop their daily exhibition.

Their debate continues. While trying to pacify Leela, Kavya asks Dimpy to stop talking to her. Dimpy throws the glass of water on the floor and walks away. Kavya tries to stop him by stepping on a glass of water, then falls on her stomach. Vanraj takes her to a hospital.

Anupama learns that Kavya is ill and prays to God to protect her and her child. He gets a call and asks if Kavya is fine. She goes to the hospital to meet Vanraj. Kavita cries that she will die if anything happens to her child. Kavita assures both that her child will be fine. The doctor checks her up. Vanraj’s child is fine. Anupama says she is happy that she called her and Kavya’s child.

At home, Leela worries about Kavya’s baby and warns Dimpy that she will throw her out of the house if anything happens to her. Dimpy shouts that Kavya should have deliberately walked carefully on the wet floor. Toshu scolds Dimpy for her careless behavior and asks if she doesn’t know that one should be very careful around a pregnant woman.

Like a true puppy, Samar saves Dimpy and claims it is not her fault. Toshu again scolds her. Dimpy goes to the kitchen crying and tells Kinjal that she didn’t do it on purpose. Dimpy says that Leela is upset and hence blames her; He should pray for Kavya’s child.

The doctor checks Kavya’s ultrasound report and tells Vanraj and Anupama that the baby is fine, but Kavya still has abdominal pain and needs to be kept under observation for a day. Vanraj takes care of a child. Anupama consoles her. Dimpy asks if Kavya is fine and did she talk to Vanraj? Samar said that he talked to Anuj and told that the baby is fine, but Kavya is in pain and needs to be taken care of every day.

Dimpy tells that she and Toshu will go to the hospital. Samar asks her to stay at home and says that anger only creates trouble, so she should keep calm. He says that even if Leela scolds him then he should not say anything. Dimpy thinks that she will not hurt his ego and prays God to protect Kavya’s child.

Anuj tells that Vanraj and Kavya were very happy in the baby shower ceremony, but today they both are tensed for their baby. When Toshu and Samar come to them, Anupama tries to tell them that Anirudh is Kavya’s father and not Vanraj.


Vanraj remembers the happy days spent with Kavya after the news of her pregnancy and the shocking revelation. Samar and Toshu inquire about Kavya and her child. Anuj says they are right. Samar says that Dimpy did not do this intentionally. Toshu has an argument. Anuj stops them and says this is no arguing place.

Toshu asks if they are here and who is with Pakhi as she is not safe with more. Anupama remembers that Adik had hurt Pakhi. Pakhi makes jelly for CA and asks Romil if he would like to have jelly. Romil says Jelly likes him and suggests her to stop physically, mentally and verbally assaulting her husband, else he will continue to harass her.

Pakhi tells him that it is not his responsibility. Romil says that earlier he used to think that husband-praying aunties were only in movies, but he saw one here. Pakhi says she supported him considering him as a younger brother, but now he should stop fighting as their fight is affecting CA. Adik hears them.

Kavya requests Vanraj not to scold Dimpy for telling Leela. Vanraj asks her to keep calm, else her child will be harmed. Kavita gets nervous and calls the nurse.

Vanraj’s child is fine. Kavya gets happy hearing this and asks if she has accepted her child. Vanraj said that he said out of emotion.

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