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Anupama 26th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 26th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama tells Pakhi that even husband has no right to touch her without her permission. Pakhi says it is in her personal matters. Pakhi shouts at Adhik for forgiving her and asks when Anupama can forgive Anuj, why can’t she give Adhik a second chance?

Anupama says she can do whatever she wants, but she should remember that her mother is always with her. She tells that she is happy to see Romil and her. Pakhi says that Romil is not bad . Anupama tells that she has got a brother Romil and prays to god to protect him.

Kinjal came home tired from work. Hasmukh asks if she is ok and feel burning sensation in eyes. Kinjal agrees. Hasmukh says its may be viral spreading everywhere.

Leela asks to take rest and stay away from Pari. Kinjal asks then how will she take care of Pari. Hasmukh says they all have come to take care of Pari. Kinjal tells how important the family’s support is when she gets sick and goes to her room.

Anuj and Anu roam around in the garden and talk romantically. Anu says she has talked to Sweety and says we will talk now. Anuj told that he talked to Romil. Anupama says situation is getting back to normal. Anuj claims they will deal with it. He reminisces the day he proposed her with his singing.

You have come into my life and sing. Anupama sings with him. Leela calls Anupama and asks her to come to Shah’s house immediately as Pari is crying, Kinjal is ill, Hasmukh’s BP is low, Kavya is ill, Toshu is out, etc. Anupama goes to Shah’s house to console Pari.

Anupama focuses on Kinjal, leaving Pari to attend to Dimpy. Dimpy asks if they can see Pari crying. Anupama asks if they can’t see. Dimpy picks Pari and consoles her. Anupama Leela says that children are the link of elders. Leela said that everything is under control now, so asked her to go home. Dimpy consoles. Leela Hasmukh says that Dimpy Pari will never get hurt.


While Romil is there, Barkha goes to the kitchen and taunts that some shameless people consider other’s house as their own and behave as if it is their father’s house. Romil gives her almonds and says she needs it to sharpen her memory. What does that mean, Barkha asks.

Romil says whatever she said is right for her as she is living shamelessly in her husband’s brother’s house as if it is her father’s house and about her behavior, she should see her brother. One who physically abuses his wife and seeing his morale, she can understand his morale. , She angrily tries to punch him.

Anupama comes, holds his hand and asks how can he physically abuse a small child. Brakha says Romil abused her. Anupama tells that she has heard and seen everything. She warns Barkha to stop their day to day arguments as she and Anuj are tired of solving their day to day issues.


Barkha tries to play the victim card again and again. Anupama sends Romil to her room and tells Barkha that Romil is a child, but she is a grown woman and she should stop provoking her; He should stay away from Romil and focus on his work if he doesn’t like Romil.

She continues cursing Barkha and says that if she doesn’t stop, Anuj will be helpless and take a tough decision. Barkha says she is saying this because more people killed her daughter. Anupama says this woman is very insensitive and is tolerating more because of Pakhi, otherwise she would have thrown her out of this house already.

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