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Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Episode


In the Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Episode ,” Anupama visits the Shah house and discusses Pakhi’s situation with the family. She reveals that Pakhi wants Adhik to secure her a project, which surprises everyone. Kinjal questions Pakhi’s decision, and Anupama explains that Pakhi’s desires aren’t final, and everything depends on Anuj’s decisions.

Suddenly, their neighbor Dimple enters and complains about power issues in her part of the house. Anupama playfully mentions that Dimple might not have paid her electricity bill. Dimple questions the existence of separate meters, and it’s revealed that the two sides of the house have always had separate meters. Dimple accuses the family of deliberately not informing her about this. Anupama reminds Dimple that she chose to live separately. Anupama asserts that responsibilities for her side of the house are hers alone.

Dimple suggests that others cover the bill temporarily, but Anupama disagrees, causing Dimple to leave in frustration. Leela, Anupama’s mother-in-law, expresses that sometimes tough lessons are necessary for children, a sentiment Anupama supports.

Pakhi notices Romil, and they discuss his lack of attendance at college orientation. Romil questions why Pakhi endures Adhik’s mistreatment despite her education. Pakhi explains that she’s bound by her love for her family and her marriage to Adhik. Romil advises her to test the strength of her love. Anupama observes their interaction, pleased to see the children bonding.

Samar returns home, and Dimple advises him against using the AC due to rising electricity costs. They argue about the separation and expenses. Samar encourages Dimple to apologize and mend relations with the family, but Dimple feels like an outsider despite her efforts.

Later, Anupama comforts Pakhi, urging her to open up about her troubles. Anupama recalls her own experience with Vanraj, emphasizing that silence can weaken a person. She asks if Adhik is forcing Pakhi into something she doesn’t want. Pakhi denies any coercion, but Anupama insists on the truth for Pakhi’s well-being.



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