Anupama Written Update

Anupama 2 March 2023 Written Update

Anupama 2 March 2023 Written Update

In the episode of Anupama dated March 2, 2023, Kavya returns to the Shah house and gets taunted by Leela about her meeting with her ex-husband, Anirudh. When Kavya sarcastically calls Anirudh her friend, Vanraj gets angry and accuses her of seeking revenge.

Kavya leaves without justifying herself. Hasmukh suggests everyone to get involved in the Maha Shivratri puja instead of fighting and wants all couples to sit together and get blessed by Lord Shiva.

other side Anupama is seen stitching garlands when she notices Maaya smiling at something on her tablet. Anu joins Anupama and asks about Anuj’s whereabouts, and Anupama informs her that he is on his way with Ankush and Barkha. Maaya asks Anu to watch picnic photos with her, but Anu requests her to wait while she talks to Anupama. Anuj arrives home and hugs Anu affectionately while Ankush understands that Anuj’s problem involves Maaya.

Kavya is shown feeling guilty for hiding the truth from Anupama about Maaya’s feelings for Anuj. She wonders what she should do next as Anupama has always supported her despite the troubles she caused in her life.

Vanraj then approaches Kavya and invites her to sit with him at the upcoming puja, but Kavya tells him that they do not have a relationship that would allow them to sit together. In response, Vanraj tells Kavya to do it for Hasmukh’s sake or else go to hell.

Anupama is shown praying to the Sun god for her family’s happiness while watering the tulsi plant. She then spots Maaya watering the plants and learns that Maaya is also fasting for her own happiness.

Later, Anuj enters the living room looking for Anupama but runs into Maaya instead. Anuj asks Anupama to sew the button on his shirt as he has a conference call in 10 minutes and has forgotten the passcode for the closet.

Anupama gently scolds Anuj for his carelessness and says that she has to do his work instead of managing all the household chores.

Anupama sews a button on Anuj’s shirt while Maaya watches with jealousy. Anuj assures Maaya that he has done nothing wrong, but Maaya still looks upset.

Later, the Shah and Kapadia families sit together at the Shiv puja. Kavya joins Vanraj at the puja, but she makes it clear that she’s only there for Hasmukh’s sake.

Anuj reveals that he has also kept a fast for his and Anupama’s relationship, while Maaya sits behind them feeling envious. Maaya texts Kavya to let her know that she has also kept the fast and informs her about receiving some new assignments for her career growth.

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