aashiqana season 4 written update

Aashiqana Written Update Season 4 Episode 6

In today’s episode, Jiya and Raj’s engagement is set to take place. Everyone is getting ready for the event. Deepa asks Yash how she looks, but he seems distracted when Chikki comes downstairs. Yash follows Chikki to the garden, where she tells him that they have broken up and being exes is only good in films, not in real life. However, Yash believes their hearts are still connected. Chikki insists she can take care of herself and states that this is not her family, especially when they didn’t support her during a previous incident.

Chikki expresses her love for Yash but decides not to pursue a relationship if it’s controlled by Dadi’s decisions. She leaves, and a prophecy about her destroying her own life and the one she loves echoes in her ears, delivered by a mysterious man.

Yash tries to convince Chikki to rest and take care of her head injury, but she remains distant. He informs her that he must attend the rituals as Deepa’s husband, which Chikki dismisses, saying they have already broken up.

During the ring ceremony, there’s surprise and amusement among the guests about the modernization of the grandmother due to the influence of Yash and his brother. Meanwhile, an unknown man lurks behind Chikki, and a crow sits beside him.

Amidst the celebration, Yash receives a call from the commissioner about solving a drug cartel case. Deepa suggests that now Yash and Chikki can be together, but before he can talk to Chikki, she faints and sees a glimpse of the future.

The episode leaves viewers with suspense and anticipation about the unfolding events and the impact of the prophecy on Chikki’s life and her relationship with Yash.

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