Aashiqana Written Update Season 4 Episode 15

Aashiqana Written Update Season 4 Episode 15

Aashiqana Written Update Season 4 Episode 15

Chikki starts having a premonition again that yash is killing someone and goes to stop Yash. When Chikki pulls Yash’s hand, Yash accidentally gets pushed and Yash falls from the terrace. When Chikki looks down, he is lying soaked in blood.

chikki gets nervous and starts banging her head as to why she sees all this future. Yash tries to pacify Chikki.Chikki tells Yash to tell Bholenath ji to stop all these telecasts. Yash says okay we will talk to Bholenath ji.

On the other hand, Jiya is angry with Raj because she has come to know about Raj and Payal’s past. Raj tells Jiya that I did not want to hide this from you, but also did not want the truth to come in front of you like this.

Raj tells Jiya that when I had a breakup with you 6 months ago, I could not understand anything, so I went to Chikki Bhabhi’s house, where I found Payal, I used to tell everything from my heart to Payal. But Payal got misunderstood by this, I told her that I do not love her.

Here aunt tells Juhi that there is a secret in this house, grandmother overhears, grandmother comes there and sends Juhi to make decoction for aunt. And then she tells Gayatri that she has gone mad, is she saying anything.
Aunt says Amma you are not seeing anything, it is something else. Dadi says whatever it is Babua will find out. Don’t scare people by saying this.
Yash goes to Payal, payal says thank you to yash, that you kept me in that house, today raj is defaming me and his relationship, my sister is not understanding me, but you understood me. Yash says Payal, I know you are the blackmailer.

Yash asks Payal why are you doing all this. Tell me, I will help you. If chikki comes to know that you are blackmailing me, she will be heartbroken.

Yash asks Payal what do you want, Payal says money, Yash says your blackmailing will not work on me because the video on the basis of which you want to blackmail me, I have already given that video to the commissioner because at the time I was in the police station when the accident happened.

Payal threatens Yash that you have one hour, if you do not give me money, then I will make this video viral.Raj explains to Jiya that he only loves her.

Chikki goes to Payal’s room to find Payal, but Payal is not there, where chikki finds Payal’s mobile, in which Payal’s photo shows Chikki that Payal is the girl whom yash is about to kill on the terrace.

Payal goes to the terrace and there she thinks what to do, then once again a man blows the ashes.Chikki goes to look for Payal and Yash but they are nowhere to be found. Yash takes a knife and goes to kill Payal on the terrace.

Chikki goes to the terrace in search of Payal, where Yash is about to kill Payal. To save Payal, she pulls Yash’s hand to save her, only then Yash gets pushed and falls down from the terrace. Chikki shouts Yash’s name.

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