Aashiqana Written Update Episode 52

Aashiqana Written Update Episode 52


The people of the Research Center think that Chikki is dead, so they bury her there and inform Tejaswini, Tejaswini says that it is good.

Ravi comes to Tejaswini with virus tubes, on the other hand, Yash calls Chikki but Chikki does not pick up the phone. Yash thinks that he did not pick up Chikki’s call, because of which Chikki is also not picking up Yash’s phone. .

Then Yash remembers Chikki’s voice message and listens to the message in which Chikki tells that maybe they trucked the bodies to mislead us and later buried the bodies again there. I am going there now.

Yash thinks Chikki might be right as we did not find anything in Virar.

Yash goes to the same ground and tries to find Chikki but Chikki is not there, so Yash calls Chikki, Chikki’s phone is lying on the same ground.

Yash goes to the door and starts looking for Chikki, only then he sees the ground dug up there, Yash immediately digs that ground and finds Chikki’s body from there.

Due to Chikki wearing a bullet proof jacket, Chikki does not get shot, but due to lack of oxygen, Chikki’s breathing becomes a little less.

As soon as Yash comes out to Chikki, Chikki regains consciousness after a while.

After that Chikki tells that these are the saree bodies, they take out the bodies and send them for investigation.

And then Yash and the whole team go to the research center where Tejaswini says that only this girlfriend is mine but this pharma company is not mine. What is happening here has nothing to do with me.

On seeing the papers of the Research Center, it is known that all the papers are in the name of Ravi, so the police arrests Ravi and then interrogates him.

Ravi says that now no one will be left, everyone will die and he starts laughing.

On the other hand, people get infected by that virus by drinking water in the research center.