Aashiqana Written Update Episode 20 Review

Aashiqana Written Update Episode 20 Review |Aashiqana Season 2 01 November 2022 in English


Yash asks Chikki when did you learn to use a gun, from whom did you learn it, and from where did you get the gun?  Chikki throws Yash away by turning things around.


Later Yash and Chikki find out that everything is related to the research center but they do not understand what is their connection with the minister.

Later, when Dadi talks about performing rasam to see Chikki’s face, then everyone in the house gets shocked because everyone knows that Chikki and Yash’s marriage is fake.

On the other hand Kishan comes there and tells Yash that my life is in danger, I always feel that someone is keeping an eye on me.

That’s when the minister sir comes and tells Yash minister that it is Kishan and his life is in danger and people are trying to make him a villain forcibly. The minister tells Sir Yash that you should re-investigate the research center.

After hearing this, the minister’s wife gets a little tense because perhaps the minister’s wife is behind all this.


Kishan tells that today the watchman of the research center wants to meet him and tell him something, we also try to know what is the matter by meeting him.

When Kishan sees the hard disk given by the guard, he comes to know that the redevelopment is not happening on that land because the dead bodies of many laborers are buried in that land.

He calls Yash to tell this and before he tells anything to Yash, he is killed by the strangely dressed man.

Yash immediately reaches Kishan with the help of the tracker, the tracker takes him to the same disputed land but there is no one there. Yash, Chikki, Sachin and Rajkumar try to find Kishan in the jungle when at one point the tracker starts beeping very loudly.


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