Aashiqana Written Update 12 November 2022 

Aashiqana Written Update Episode 19 Review

Aashiqana Written Update Episode 19 Review

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Aashiqana Season 2 31 Oct 2022 in English

The villain appears after Chikki and Yash faint in a gas-glass cabin.

As Jiya and Raj arrive there wearing PPE Kit and take Chikki and Yash away from there, their pulses begin to beat when Jia injects them with histidine. This brings them back to their senses.

Yash realizes something big is going on here, but for now we should get out of here. All four of them emerged wearing PPE Kit without anyone being able to recognize them.

Dadi is shocked to learn that Yash shot the minister at home. Yash is asked in a press conference that you shot the minister and that is why he is holding a press conference. Tell us if the minister is alive or if he has passed away.

As many vehicles arrive there with the minister and his wife, Yash tells the press that the minister himself will now give you an answer.

Minister sir says that I am alive and well and all this has happened because of Yash.

Yash is asked whether he got the contract to kill the minister sir, and he replies that he got the threat to kill the minister sir, which causes him to choose between his family and the minister.

Yash had already told me that you should sleep with a bulletproof jacket, minister sir says.

Then the whole family hugs, and grandmother also hugs Chikki. That villain then calls Jiya and says, “I love you.”.

Meanwhile, the minister’s wife tells someone that if Chikki and Yash find out about the research center, all will be lost.As everyone enters inside, Yash tells Chikki to talk, and then he faints.

Raj asks Jia what you injected. Please tell me soon. Jiya suggests that maybe it is a reaction to that injection, he will soon come back to his senses.

Dadi asks aunty and sister-in-law about Jiya how did this foreigner come here in the morning?

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