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Aashiqana Written Update 8 sept 2023 Episode 41

Yash and Chikki sit in the room and discuss about the end of the curse. Chikki asks Yash if Commissioner sir is fine. Yash tells that yes he is fine, he is just dealing with his wife’s death.

Then both of them go to sleep, only then Chikki gets a premonition again in which she sees that all the people of the house are trapped inside the car and she is standing outside the car laughing  loudly.

Chikki wakes up in panic and thinks that I am still getting premonitions means the curse is not over yet.When Yash wakes up, Chikki is not around. Everyone searches for Chikki in the house but does not find it.

Chikki comes back to her house that she should go away from Yash’s life, it is for everyone’s good.Then Yash comes to Chikki’s house and says that he had brought her  from another world, so he will bring you from another city as well.

Yash brings Chikki home, grandmother also scolds Chikki a lot, Chikki says that grandmother curse is not over, then grandmother says that there is no curse, no kalyani , no one can break our family.

Yash says we will live together, fight together, die together.. Yash gets all the people of Bhumigarh arrested. Dadi tells Yash that you have stepped on the nagin hood, she will definitely fight back, then Kalyani comes there and tells Dadi that she forgot her younger sister but did not forget her nature.

Kalyani tells Yash that hey boy, tell your policemen to leave our people, otherwise it will not be good, then Chikki comes in between and says that anyway, what will be good for those who have relatives like you.

Kalyani asks if you are not afraid of us, then Chikki says that if you used to scare me in the limit, I would have been scared, but you have mixed me with Kalbeharupiye, scared you with creepy girl. I have been scared 100 times, I have died twice, now what more.

then Kalyani again makes a pot in front of Chikki and says that you have seen the real color of the curse now.

Chikki says break the pot, my family is tired of fear. Then Yash takes Chikki behind all and asks Kalyani to tell how this curse will end.

Kalyani says that I will give my life but will not tell the method to overcome from curse, only then the whole house gets dark and a bullet is fired, Kalyani kills herself.

While dying, Kalyani tells her sister[dadi] that night will turn into day, now the effect of the curse will increase even more.

Everyone gets scared after hearing this, Chikki thinks in her mind that now there is only one way to find out the truth and she applies all the ashes of the pot on her body.Everyone asks if Chikki saw something?

Aashiqana Written Update 8 sept 2023 in Hindi

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