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Aashiqana Written Update 3 and 4 August 2022

Aashiqana Written Update 3 and 4 August 2022


03 August 2022

In today’s episode, Raj takes Yash to the room crying, then Yash says that she tells the truth that I can never change, my thinking can never change.
Dadi calls Kavita home and tells Yash that babua, look who has come and tells Yash that this is your fiancé and the daughter-in-law of this house. After that, Dadi introduces Kavita the most.
Kavita tells only Yash but Yash does not reply, then grandmother says that you have a childhood friend, do not recognize it.
Dadi asks for aarti plate that we will do aarti for our future daughter-in-law and forces Yash to sit with Kavita.
Dadi says that we need a daughter-in-law like you who is cultured, stay at home with pallu dhaak………….

Then Chikki taunts him in Yash’s imagination that your type of girl has come, your 1922 heroine should not go near her. Then Yash shouts loudly Shut up……….
Dadi asks what happened, then Yash says that I am not telling you that I am so…. But he was nobody.
Yash clearly says that I will not be able to marry Kavita.
Dadi tells Yash that you betrayed us, did not obey our words, grandmother talks a lot to Yasha, who keeps listening silently.
Raj tells Yash that brother where are your feet, today for the first time in this house someone has thought for himself. At the end of the episode, Chikki opens her eyes and saw herself on the bed in a hotel room.

04 August 2022

Yash calls Chikki to meet him, she reaches but Yash is not there, then Yash comes from behind, Chikki thinks that he is a killer and gives a loud slap to Yash. …
Yash asks if you do not know anything other than to kill, Chikki says that if you come from behind like this, I will not kill you.
Later, whatever decoration Yash has done for Chikki, it is seen that Chikki asks that you did all this for me, then Yash says that yes I did all this for the girl who cannot change for me at all. But Still I like you a lot.

But Chikki says sorry to Yash and tells that I have made a big mistake but always remember that I love you too, saying that she leaves from there.

Police team tells Yash that yesterday again Chikki did security breach and she went to Oriental Hotel, and hotel footage shows that Shyam and Chikki were overnight in one’s room in Oriental,

Yash gets shocked seeing this and goes home in anger where Shivani’s Haldi ceremony is going on Yash throws everything there and tells the family about Shyam.

Dadi breaks this relationship by calling Shyam’s family members, then Shyam’s mother and Dolly Dhingra come to Dadi’s house and ask her that all the preparations are done now why did you do this…

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