aashiqana season 4 written update

Aashiqana Written Update 29 July 2023

Aashiqana Written Update 29 July 2023


In today’s episode, Jiya and Raj’s engagement is going to happen. Everyone gets ready, Deepa asks Yash how I am looking, then Chikki comes from upstairs and Yash keeps looking at her. Everyone dances, it is predicted from the sky that the fear that was in Chikki  mind till now has now come to the house, Now everything will be cursed in the house.

Chikki goes to Garden with her glass of juice, Yash follows her. Chikki tells him that I am your ex now and this relationship with ex is good only in films and not in real life, we have broken up. Yash comes to know that breakup is called when two hearts separate, our hearts were always one, I used to feel like this anytime in these 6 months, you are not with me and remember that we can never be apart.

Chikki tells Yash that I know you came here to take care of me but I can take care of myself. Yash says that we all need family sometimes. Chikki says its  your family but this is not my family. If this was my family, then when Dadi had said that I shoot at her, people would have listened to me as well. Yash says but Dadi has no problem with you staying here, then Chikki says that it is not there now, it will happen in a few days.

Chikki tells Yash that I love you very much, but if dadi  is going to decide the fate of my love, then I do not want such love. Saying this, Chikki leaves from there.

Only then a prophecy echoes in Chikki’s ears that you destroy your own life, you will destroy the one you love. Saying this word, a man goes there by blowing ash  because of which the chikki  can hear echoes  in her  ear.

Yash tells Chikki that you have a head injury, you need rest, everything will be fine soon.

Yash tells Chikki that I am apologizing in advance, now I have to go inside the rituals as Deepa’s husband. Chikki says why should it matter to me, we have broken up.

When all three Chikki Deepa and Jiya dance, the women around say that the time has become very modern for wives to dance with their husbands ex-girlfriends, Dadi silently leaves from there smiling.

Aunt and Juhi Bhabhi are very surprised since when Amma became as modern. Juhi Bhabhi says that both the brothers have modernized the grandmother by threatening to leave the house.

After this, both Raj and Jiya have a ring ceremony. Outside the unknown man who is lying behind Chikki stands and a crow comes and sits there beside him.

Yash gets a call from the commissioner that the drug cartel case has been solved. Yash tells Deepa that the drug case has been solved. Deepa says okay, now you and Chikki can be together. Yash tries to tell Chikki ,but Chikki faints and sees the future ahead…..

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