Aashiqana Written Update 09 August 2022

Aashiqana Written Update 09 August 2022

Yash picks up Chikki’s phone and says why did she call, then Chikki tells that the killer has attacked her again.

[A cop pratap in the recap tells yash that, I don’t know who the killer is but whoever he is, he is behind the chikki and if he wants to catch him then there is only one way out that is chikki.]

Yash calls his team and says that I have attacked Chikki as a killer, because when the real killer comes to know that someone else has come in this game, he will be stunned and will come out.

Yash asks his team to reach Chikki’s house, as soon as Yash and his team reach Chikki’s house, Chikki is covered in blood.

Sachin asks Yash in gesture that you said that Chikki is not hurt at all, you lied, Yash also says in gesture that I did not hurt Chikki.

Chikki says that he attacked me, you please take me to your house, Yash says why take you home, you go to the hospital.

Then Dadi calls Yash and asks that we heard that a pea sized little girl got hurt due to your carelessness.

Dadi says look Yash, our family has been stained a lot, we don’t want your duty to be stained, so you bring that girl home.

Yash gets shocked that Dadi is calling Chikki at home.

[Recap – Chikki calls Dadi, Dadi gets angry with Chikki ,then Chikki says you have to be angry but you have lost one grandson, don’t lose another, Yash’s life is in danger and I have to be always with him to find out who is after yash ,that’s why grandmother calls Chikki to her house.

Yash gets Chikki treated and brings him home, Dadi takes her to the room and then tells Chikki that we have invited you here as per your wish , but who is the killer behind our Yash………… ……..

Chikki says that ,he is not a killer because serial killers do not change their pattern and whatever it is, they have tried to kill Yash ji by poisoning them.

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