Aashiqana Written Update Season 2 Episode 1

Aashiqana Written Update 08 August 2022

Aashiqana Written Update 08 August 2022

The policeman who shot by yash at his home , comes to his senses and Yash interrogates him that on whose behest you did all this.

That policeman laughs and tells Yash what do you think you will ask and I will tell.

Yash removes the window curtain and shows him that his mother is in their custody and if you don’t tell the truth then I will tell your mom, that you raped and killed 32 girls after that there will be no need to encounter you. You yourself will die of shame.

Just then a policeman brings a bad news to Yash that there has been a serious problem in the house, when Yash goes home, Shivani has consumed sleeping pills [ Kavita has inspired her to take those pills]

What has Kavita to do with this house, it is not clear yet, she has also come here to get something.

Kavita says sorry to Yash that all this happened because of me, Shivani has eaten pills after taking them out of my purse.

Chikki calls Raj to inform that Yash’s life is in danger, when Dadi snatches the phone from Raj and tells Chikki in reverse, then Yash takes the phone and tells Chikki how dare you call here.

Chikki just sitting in her house and suddenly she hears the sound of dogs crying, she looks through the window and found no one , she comes outside and sees that all the security is missing.

She just stands and look here and there and notices that  the mask killer stands behind her with a knife.

As soon as Chikki turns around, he strikes her with a knife, but Chikki rams her down, after fighting with Maskman, Chikki runs away but there is no way to escape further, the killer attacks her but unable to kills her as chikki defence is very strong.

When the police security arrives, Chikki tries to catch the killer but he runs away.

Later Chikki calls and that phone rings on Maskman’s mobile, Maskman takes off his mask and what we can see that,there is yash behind that  Yash…………

Yash receives Chikki’s phone then Chikki Tells that , killer attacked me, Yash says that I will come ………………

Now what is the story of Yash and Maskman, it will be revealed in the coming episodes.

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