Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

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Chikki says that we should go to the cave but Yash says that 99% of the things on the internet are lies, who knows if there is a cave or not.Chikki says that maybe it is from that one percent. Yash says that we should not go to that cave and go after Kalyani and arrest her. Then Jiya says that I think Chikki is right. I have believed all these things ever since I saw the duplicate.

Then Yash remembers that in all these things he has forgotten where Deepa has run away.Two policemen are deployed outside Deepa’s house. One constable asks the other constable that Sir, why have we come to Deepa Madam’s house, then the other constable says that Commissioner Saheb is going to come here, there must be something going on, that’s why they called us.

Just then the sound of Deepa whistling comes from inside. Deepa plays the whistle inside the house. One constable thinks of going inside and the other one tells him to wait for the commissioner. When the commissioner arrives, they hear something breaking inside the house, they open the house and go inside but at that time they do not find Deepa. But all the food and drink items are available fresh which makes them feel as if Deepa was there.

The Commissioner thinks that it seems that Deepa was here but where did she go, something is definitely wrong then he calls the second constable and asks the forensic team to investigate.On the other hand, Yash Chikki and Dadi go near the cave where the eternal flame is extinguished. Chick says look there is a cave as well as flame.

Yash says someone must have come here for camping. Yash says I will leave 2 constables here who will monitor 24 hours. After that all three leave from there.The commissioner reaches Yash’s house but there is no one at his house so he calls Yash. Asks him where are you, I have been trying your phone since long.

Yash asks sir ,why did you call, is there anything urgent, then the commissioner says that Deepa’s lead has been found and i had to discuss it with you. Commissioner says come to your house, I am waiting for you here. Then grandmother says that our mind is telling us that something wrong is definitely going to happen.

The commissioner is waiting for Yash when some invisible force hits the commissioner and takes the commissioner inside the house.When Yash Chikki and Dadi reach home, Commissioner Saheb is not there. They are searching for Commissioner Saheb when they see that the door of the house is open. All three of them run inside the house and find that there is blood all over the floor. Yash calls Raj and asks if everyone is fine.

After that Chikki follows red floor, that blood is only till the carpet. When Yash calls the commissioner, his phone says he is outside the coverage area. Chikki asks Yash to call the commissioner’s house. From there the commissioner’s wife tells him that he had gone to Dubai 3 days ago. Yash says that maybe there is some confusion, he was at Deepa’s house with Kiran just a while back and was about to come to my house but when I came home now, he was not here.

The person answering the phone was the commissioner’s fake wife because his real wife was dead.Yash says that we have killed that KaalBehruPiya. Dadi says it is not that easy to kill him.chikki tells Yash to go to the commissioner’s house, but Dadi refuses, saying that there is no need to go here, red-red is spread all over the house and you guys have to go there.

chikki and yash both leave to go to the commissioner’s house and grandmother prays to God that Bholenath should protect my children.While Yash and Chikki are leaving to commisioner house in their car , a girl faints in front of their car and they both bring the girl to their house for treatment.


Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update in Hindi

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

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