Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 34 Written Update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 34 Written Update

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All the family members are saved, in flashback, Dadi Chikki and Yash sit on the terrace and discuss that whatever Chikki has seen in her premonition, she told that ,we will let that fake Yash do everything like this and will not change anything.
Just for our protection, we will protect those places where that fake yash has fought.
Then in the present, everyone escapes from Chikki’s plan, but then Chikki sees that the fake Yash’s body has disappeared.
Yash says let’s clean all this fake blood and get fresh. Everyone is shocked in the house, then Gayatri asks that Amma, how will this curse end.
Dadi says that this is an years old curse, whoever it follows, leaves after taking his/her life, now it is following Chikki. We had thought that this curse would end if we get Chikki married to Yash, but now it seems that this curse lives on and is following Chikki.
Yash says that this is not an option, it will not even touch the  Chikki. Gayatri says can anything be done by talking to Kalyani ji, Dadi says that there is no use in talking to her.
Raj asks how can he take the form of anyone. Dadi tells that he is Kalbeharupiya, when Rani Roopvati curses, Kalbeharupiya comes to fulfill that curse. Dadi says I had heard but saw it for the first time. Now my faith has been shaken.
Yash tells Dadi that what is that faith, that will be shaken, Chikki says that till now we were saving our wickets but now we will kill them by going out and spoil the line length of that Kalbeharupiye.
Chikki searches on her laptop and finds out that 100 years ago, Rani Roopvati ruled. Yash says that we should arrest Kalyani, not the story.
Chikki says that according to Rani , every unmarried girl who lives alone is a threat to the society, she does the work of snatching other’s husbands, she had termed such girls as witches.
In the flashback, Queen Roopvati orders a girl to be burnt because she believed that the girl had cast a spell on her husband. Then the king intervenes and saves the girl. The queen tells the king that it seems the magic of her has worked on you too. When the king did not listen to the queen, the queen cursed the king  and threw the ashes of her ancestors on the king. After that, whoever was cursed by the queen, the same fate happened to the king. Everyone in the house gets shocked after hearing this story, but Yash does not believe it. Chikki further reads that some Tantrik there had locked all the powers in a cave and had lit an eternal flame outside it. If this eternal flame is extinguished then this curse will be freed again and Kalbeharupiya will return.

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 34 Written Update in Hindi

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 34 Written Update


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