Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 35 Written Update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 33 Written Update 30 Aug 2023

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 33 Written Update 30 Aug 2023

As Yash asks Chakki to relax, he also asks her for a mobile phone with a tracker. Basically, it tries to locate the fake yash exact location. Afterward, he learns he is under the house, since the tracker remains in the same location no matter how the yash moves. Dadi emerges from her room and sees Yash and Chiki in the hall.

Chikki and Yash signal Dadi to keep quiet and tell her that the fake Yash is under our house, but the basement is on the other side how it can be possible yash asks.

On the terrace, Dadi tells Yash and Chikki that there used to be a basement. Yash says I have never seen one, and Dadi says your grandfather filled it in with mud. However, Chikki indicates that his location is underground. It is true that all of our lives are at risk. As a result, Yash says that grandmother, we will have to leave our home.

We must leave from here or we will all die, Grandma says. When grandmother goes to wake up everyone downstairs, her hand gets injured. chikki again has a premonition, Chikki sees fake Yash kill all the people in the house and tying a noose around chikki neck and pull her.

He asks Chuki what happened, and Chuki tells him that all of our lives are in danger, and he will kill us.Everyone begins packing. Yash asks Chikki whether we should actually leave. Despite everything I’ve seen so far, Chikki says today is the first chance to stop what’s about to happen, so we must not risk it.

As everyone slowly descends the stairs with their belongings, the hall suddenly lights up as they arrive. fake yash comes out from above and says that you must be wondering what kind of devil this is who is visible under the ground but came from above. Is it really possible for you guys to cheat Kaal Bahrupiya?

Fake fame makes everyone nervous they Trying to run away, but the main door does not open from outside.



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