aashiqana season 4 written update

Aashiqana Season 4 Episode 32 Written Update – 29 Aug 2023

Aashiqana written update

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi says many thanks to Bholenath who has returned our Babua to us. Yash says to Dadi, he will give all the thanks to Bholenath, tell some thanks to Chakki as well. If Chikki doesn’t recognize that fake Yash today, I will never be able to come back.

Yash tells Chikki that death had come but touched me and passed away, then tells grandmother and aunt that now I am absolutely fine, just a little tired and want to rest.

Grandma tells Chikki to take Yash to the room and take rest but Raj refuses that otherwise only these people are with us tonight, we don’t know when will we meet, for this we enjoy family time today.

Chikki tells Dadi that yes Dadi please let us have a party. Dadi tells Chachi that come on Gayatri, we go to sleep and let her have a party.Fake Yash says I am very tired please let me sleep you guys party. That’s why Chikki calls Yash a bored person in the style of Shayari. Brother under Raj, look, sister-in-law is calling you boring, now you show it by partying.

After this Chikki Juhi Bhabhi Raj Jia Charon dances on the song Itni Si Hansi Itni Si Khushi. On the other hand both Gayatri aunty and grandmother try to get the real Yash out of the ground.
Just then inside, fake Yash realizes that something has happened outside, he tries to go out but Chiki stops him and closes all the curtains in the house.

When grandmother and aunt take the real Yash out of the grave, then Yash’s  is not breathing, both get very nervous, pour water on Yash and press his chest. Then Yash regains consciousness.

Fake Yash tells everyone that I am very tired, I need rest, ? He starts going out, only then grandmother and aunt come from outside with real Yash. Yash tells fake Yash that till now fake notes had come, now fake people have also started coming. The house lights go off before the real Yash catches the fake Yash, he takes advantage of the darkness and runs away.

Everyone thinks how to find fake yash. Then Chikki shows the location of fake Yash on her mobile. While dancing, Chikki had put a tracker in a laddu and fed it to fake Yash, due to which Chikki could track him.

Yash says that his lookalike is still roaming freely outside. Yash tells that he was in the car when his head became heavy, after that when I regained consciousness, I came straight inside with the bracelet. Chikki says there was fake yash when the ritual was going on. I understood only when she did not recognize her mother’s ring.

Yash secretly asks why this tractor is not moving, then Chikki says that it works only within a radius of 1 km.
Chikki tells Yash that if anything had happened to you because of me today, I would never have been able to forgive myself. Yash says nothing can happen to me while you are there.

Yash and Chikki talk romantically when Chikki’s mobile gives a signal that fake Yash is in the house. Both go to the hall to find that fake Yash. Then the tracker on Chikki’s mobile tells the location of the place where Yash was standing.

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