Aashiqana Season 3 Episode 8 Written Episode

Aashiqana Season 3 Episode 8 Written Episode

When Chikki returns to her home, she becomes scared and examines the entire house to determine if Maskman is present. Maskman on the other hand is keeping an eye on Chikki through the camera.

Siddhant calls Chikki to the police station to find out who is stalking her.

Dadi suddenly enters Raj’s room to offer Prasad, and Jiya hides behind the sofa. Dadi tells Raj, “I did not feel alive when I was angry with you. Raj tells Dadi to leave as he has to change his clothes.

Although Chikki claims to have stalked me a few days ago, he did not attack me at that time. I was attacked by a crystal ball that fell near me. Unlike last time, his mask is a different color.

As soon as Yash stated that the color of the mask was different, but the pattern remained the same, it was Shyam. Only then did the police arrive at the scene to arrest Shyam.

Yash is a wonderful individual, you must keep an eye on me and also accuse him of chasing Chikki.

Yash states that he is certain that he knows something, and Shyam states that he knows a lot but he has a condition. Yash asks what…..? Shyam expresses his desire to spend one more night with Chikki.

Yash becomes very angry at this and beats Shyam very hard, while his grandmother comes and scolds him for staying away from Tuiya so many times.

As Dadi was about to insult Chikki, Chikki stopped her. She replied, “I used to respect you because you are Yash’s grandmother. However, now there is nothing between me and Yash, and therefore there is nothing between us.

Whenever you speak, I will not remain silent. Your respect is in your hands. After saying this, Chikki leaves.

In the evening, when 3 cups of tea are prepared at Chikki’s house, her sister asks who is supposed to receive the tea. Chikki walks outside to give tea to Sid and Yash.

Sid asks how you came to know that we were here. According to Chikki, duty comes first.

Later in the day, Sid receives a call from the police station informing him that Muskaman’s phone had fallen, and we are attempting to recover it.

On the other side, Maskman entered the house of Chauhan house.


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