Aashiqana Season 3 Episode 1 Review

Aashiqana Season 3 Episode 1 Review


The first episode of Aashikana Season 3 was released today, in which Chiki is shown on the roof of a building and she is about to jump from there. ACP siddhant ask her not to jump.

In a flashback, Chikki has told Yash that Sachin is the real killer, he has kidnapped Shivani and will release her only if she kills Yash.

With the assistance of his two police officers, Yash convinces Sachin that he is dead, and the entire police department holds Chikki responsible for Yash’s death.

The police department assigns ACP Siddhant for the task of finding Yash’s body and arresting Chiki.

When Chikki is on her way to find Shivani, she was caught by the police and this is the starting scene of today episode ,Suddenly a maskman comes there and takes chikki along with him.

the maskman was none other than yash. They both live in a boat on the bank of a pond. There is a group of college students celebrating Valentine’s Day there

As Chikki and Yes recall their loving moments, Yash is reminded of Chikki’s abortion and departs from Chikki.


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