Aashiqana 09 April 2023 Written Update

Aashiqana 09 April 2023 Written Update

Aashiqana 09 April 2023 Written Update

Dadi asks the washerman why he tore Yash’s shirt. The washerman says that it was a mistake and it won’t happen again in the future. Chachi says that it shouldn’t even happen again, otherwise, she will make so many holes in the washerman’s body that… (the sentence is incomplete).

Just then, Yash and Bani come home with the child. Dadi asks Yash what happened, and Yash says nothing. Yash, why don’t you tell what Chikki did?”

Dadi says, “Oh God, what did this Chikki do now?” Just then, Chikki sees someone standing inside the house  while she is standing outside, and she runs into Yash’s room. Dadi tries to stop her, but she pushes Dadi and goes upstairs.

Chikki comes downstairs and says that someone is here, and she saw them. Yash says that nobody is here, but Chikki insists that she saw someone and she will catch them.

Chikki behaves very hyperactively, which leads Yash to pick her up and dunk her in water to bring her to her senses. Yash tells Chikki that when people would become out of control at the academy, they would do the same thing to bring them back to their senses.

Yash tells Chikki to now think calmly and rationally about what is happening. Chikki searches something on the laptop and calls Yash over.

On the other hand, Sid searches for Bani’s brother. Chikki tells Yash that the baby had not received any vaccinations, so why did Bani go to the hospital? Yash yells at Bani loudly, demanding an explanation.

Yash asks Bani why she went to the hospital for the baby’s vaccinations when there were no vaccinations due. Bani makes another excuse and says that her baby is dying, and she is not a bad mother, just an unlucky one.

After hearing Bani’s sorrow, Dadi makes a decision about Yash and Bani’s marriage, but Yash refuses to get married. Everyone opposes Dadi’s decision.

Dadi says that Yash also has a responsibility towards Bani, and Yash agrees, saying yes, but as a child father. Yash clarifies that his responsibility towards Bani is as a child father, not as a husband.

Dadi says that they have already decided that tomorrow they will perform the naming ceremony for their grandson. Bani’s brother is hiding from Sid in the house and as he is about to reach Bani’s brother, Sid sees Chikki and starts following her.

Chikki tells Yash that Yash is misunderstanding her. While Yash and Chikki were talking, Sid arrives there and calls out to Yash.”

Chikki is sitting straight on the staircase.” At that moment, she saw some marks of shoes . She follows those marks and then Bani’s brother catches her. Bani’s brother tells Chikki that he wants to talk to her.”

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