aashiqana season 4 written update

Aashiana Season 4 Episode 30 Written Update

Aashiana Season 4 Episode 30 Written Update

When Yash comes out of the house, when he was sitting in the car, he sees another Yash like himself, and then he faints.

Chikki starts premonition again inside the house, she goes outside and tells yash that the effect of curse is not over, I am having premonitions again. Fake yash asks chikki what did you see.

Chikki says that Kalyani has not come to know from anywhere that I am alive. I have started seeing everything again, what shall we do now.

Fake Yash says that we will solve it together. And he tells Chikki that there is no need to bother telling all these things to the family members, we will talk about it tomorrow morning. chikki says, tomorrow morning we are leaving.
Yash says we will talk tomorrow, there is no need to bother anyone right now.

There is a discussion going on inside the house about the post-marriage rituals. Grandmother says that chikki is the first kitchen. Raj raises an objection that whatever happened, the daughter-in-law is the first, the brother may also be the first. When Jiya speaks exactly, Dadi says, “Hey, keep quiet, Raj’s future wife has not yet become the daughter-in-law of this house.”

Grandma asks to find the ring from milk water, the one who finds the ring first will have it for the rest of his life. Yash finds the ring. Yash says what a beautiful ring it is, Dadi says your mother had bought it for you, have you forgotten? But Chikki suspects Yash . Chikki goes to the room to wash her hands and when she turns around to see Yash she confuses he is reak or fake.

Chikki is thinking after washing her hands when fake Yash comes from behind to call her.

She tells Chikki that you had gone to get my wedding gift, where is it. Yash says I was a little tensed after listening to your premonition, so if I distracted, I will get your gift.

Chikki has given a password to Yash so that she can identify the real fake one, while talking Chikki recites half of his password, only then the fake Yash completes half of his recitation. Yash makes a quick salad.

Chikki thinks in her mind that I am thinking too much, this is the real yash.suddenly chikki sees premonition again.

Fake yash asks what did you see, grandmother also asks what did you see, did you see anything, only then Chakki says no, I haven’t eaten anything since morning, that’s why I was dizzy. Grandma makes chikki sit on the table and gives her water.

Chikki messages Yash and invites him to meet at the terrace today. Fake Yash comes to the terrace. Chikki Yash says that all the rituals of marriage have been done but our honeymoon is the richest. Just wait for a while, after that we will have the most beautiful first night of our life. Then Dadi calls out from downstairs and Yash asks to come downstairs. chikki understands that this is not real yash, it is fake. Tries to explain to everyone in the form of poetry .

Chick tries to explain something to Dadi that this yash is fake, then that fake goes well and says are you trying to explain something, tell me, I will explain. Chick says no no there is no such thing.fake yash goes into the kitchen and then the real yash comes there.

Dadi asks Yash how are you coming from here, you had gone to the kitchen. He says I had gone to buy Chikki’s gift, Chikki you didn’t tell. chikki gets shocked.

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