25 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021 – EP 69

25 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

25 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 23 November 2021 .


Which of the following phenomena occurs in a spacecraft due to microgravity in space?

Ans- Weightlessness


The Braj region of Uttar Pradesh is considered to be the birthplace of which of these indian scriptures?

Ans- Lord Krishna


Which tree is also called Bodhi tree?

Ans- Ashok


Identify an aquatic organism



According to a legend, which ancient city was founded in 1753 BC by twin brothers named Romulous and Ramus?



Which of these countries is located in the mainland of South America



Gandhi Sagar Dam situated on the border of Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh is built on which river?

Ans- Chambal


Which TV channel came into existence by the merger of Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV in 2021

Ans-Sansad TV


Which spice is prepared from a gum of a plant grows mainly in Afghanistan and Iran ?

Ans- Asafoetida


Which of these continents is the biggest in size?

Ans- Asia

Which of these mathematical calculations will have the highest value?



Which of the following is present in the largest number in an adult human body?

Ans- Teeth


The one who wakes up at night and sleeps during the day is usually compared with which animal?

Ans- Owl


What is the main ingredient of sandwich



Complete this line of a song from the movie Padosan by doing a chatur naar kar ke 

Ans- shringar


Which will be the next character of this Grid game?

Ans- O

25 November KBC Online Quiz Answer 2021


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